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I THINK I’M IN LOVE AGAIN #NotesFromMyJournal #NFMJ #Chapter57

It's been a month and I would like to apologise. I haven't been writing to you in so long I was beginning to fear you wouldn’t be here when I wrote to you again, and with that I would have lost my mind. I mean, my story is a life line you haul me up … Continue reading I THINK I’M IN LOVE AGAIN #NotesFromMyJournal #NFMJ #Chapter57

IF I COULD HOLD ON TO HER LAUGH #NotesFromMyJournal #NFMJ #Chapter55

I scare myself sometimes, with the decisions I make and how I tend to want to see them through no matter how bad they may seem to other people. It’s something that came to me from always having to do things on my own. Like I remember when I was a kid, I would always … Continue reading IF I COULD HOLD ON TO HER LAUGH #NotesFromMyJournal #NFMJ #Chapter55

DON’T FUCK WITH US #NotesFromMyJournal | #NFMJ #Chapter54

It’s 5 December, 2017. It’s a new day and a lot is happening. I’m in what a lot of my people believe is a new Zimbabwe. I’ve been writing from here all my life. I did start a version of this series when I was in South Africa but then #NotesFromMyJournal literally took off when … Continue reading DON’T FUCK WITH US #NotesFromMyJournal | #NFMJ #Chapter54


Today I’m late. It’s the first time I have done that this season (Well that didn’t take long. Lol). I hate being late for things that matter, for the things that I should be there for at a particular time or they are gone. It’s something I battle with every day. I hate being late, … Continue reading WITH HER BIG BEAUTIFUL MOON EYES #NotesFromMyJournal | #NFMJ #Chapter53


I have been running a lot lately. A lot like I needed to get away from something. It could potentially end me if it got me. It’s a scary thought. It’s as if all my demons are coming for me and my spirit knows it. What the hell! I’m not ready to die yet, and … Continue reading I HAVE BEEN RUNNING A LOT LATELY #NotesFromMyJournal #NFMJ #Chapter51